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PhD in Accounting

Welcome to the Accounting Doctoral Program website of the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management at Michigan State University. Ranked third in the total number of accounting doctorates granted in the United States, our competitive program prepares doctoral candidates to become productive researchers and teachers at top research universities. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive program, our internationally renowned faculty, and the diverse environment in which our doctoral candidates learn.

A testament to our faculty’s commitment to research and their incredible success at publishing quality articles at the highest levels are the results of a recent study conducted by research faculty at Brigham Young University. Our department was ranked 7th out of 426 institutions in overall research productivity over the past six years and 2nd in managerial accounting research productivity over that same period. More details on the study

Further evidence of the quality of our program is The 2010 Public Accounting Report rankings, in which our program was ranked 13th in research and 8th in teaching. Accounting graduates enjoy considerable success in their careers. They are accounting professors at many nationally recognized universities and have earned national recognition for their contributions to the development of accounting research, teaching, and practice. MSU graduates hold distinguished chairs in accounting, are editors of premier research journals, and are authors of some of the largest selling accounting textbooks in the United States. They also hold positions as chairpersons or directors of major accounting departments, deans of business schools, and have significant national accounting policy-making responsibilities. Our graduates distinguish themselves by the frequency with which they are members of editorial boards of leading accounting journals and by their successful publication of research. This emphasis on research and scholarship is the hallmark of MSU’s Accounting Doctoral Programs.

A key element of the PhD program is collaborative work between doctoral students and faculty members. We strive to maintain a program with approximately 12 full-time, in-residence students. This size program allows for effective faculty-student interrelationships, collaboration, and competitive funding for all students in residence.

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